Irish’s Drinking Culture

When people think or talking about Ireland, there is a stereotype that Ireland is a nation with love for alcohol and this streotype is taken lightly by the Irish people. There are almost 75% of all alcohol consume in Ireland in 2013. Ireland is a country that famous for it’s beer and whiskey. There are many famous beers, which comes from Ireland likes Guinnes, Smithwicks or Kilkenny and Harp Lager. Not only that, there is one popular drink in the world that comes from Ireland. It is launched on the 70 century namely Ireland Barley Cream.

Why Ireland known as it’s beer and whiskey? It’s stems of the bad weather and climates of Ireland that made the Irish people consumed most alcohol. A humid climate and bad weather made the Irish people search stimulation ways likes alcohol. It’s happen in the middle of the 19 century. Moreover, there are many restaurants in Ireland that called public house or more popular “Pub”. Not only that, Ireland also has a legal obstacle very loose in observe the alcohol sales.

Habit of Irish who have already become a culture of Irish people is visiting a Pub and Bar. It is trigerred by the habit of Irish people who likes to consume most alcohol like other people who live in cold regions. The habit of visiting the Pub is not only used by Irish people to drink alcohol, but the Pub also the gathering place that used to meet with the people of different cultures that lead to cultural exchange among themselves. Moreover, friendly eye contact, a polite nod or a telling smile is the way to let the barman or barwoman that you would like to order and always say please and thanks to them as the drinking culture in Pub or Bar.

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Unlike Poland, Norway, and most parts of the United States. There is no specific regulation to drinking alcohol for adults. It’s mean that drinking alcohol is legal in this country and you can drinking alcohol in public places for the over 18s only. But in consume alcohol, you should know the standard drink. It’s 11 standard drinks spread out over the week for women and 17 standard drinks spread out a week for men. Because regulary drinking alcohol at high level can increase your risk to get the diseases such as stomach disease, stroke, cancer or depression. So, you should be wise to consume alcohol. When enough is enough.

The culture “Pub” is the main part of life in Ireland. Ireland ranked as the 4th country that consume most alcohol in the world after Jerman, Austria amd Republic of Czech. Irish people also known as people who are adept at making alcoholic beverages.

Eventhough, there is one regulation for drinking culture in Ireland. That the drinking age in Ireland is 18 years old. It’s mean that you must be at least 18 years old to buy or consume alcohol. It is also illegal to obtain alcohol for anybody below the minimum age.

Although it is illegal in Ireland to drink alcohol under the age of 18 years old, many Irish people start drinking as young as the early teens and this is not approriate with the regulations. It is happen since long times and it is not surprise for us. The young people consume alcohol because they look directly when adult people drink alcohol and get the influence from that. Like in any situation, children are the product of their environment. If their parents and environment give the impression to drinking. So they will do the same things. As we know, drinking alcohol too much is not good for health especially for teenagers under 18 years old. It will be better if introducing alcohol for young people’s life when their age more than 18 years old.

In addition to the culture drink alcohol, Irish people usually have the habit with drink rounds or called rounds. Which means everyone to buy the drinks to each member of the group then they will drink turns sequence. Refused to drink, it can be seen an insult for them. And received the drink from another person but don’t buy ronde is indiscretion social. This drink rounds also has become a common in Britania Raya, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Except alcohol, the Irish people also drink more tea percapita than other countries in the world. Even, Irish people also consume more tea than mineral water. You will be offered a cup of tea if you have through or cross of the house of Irish wherever.

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