Eating Culture – Dining Etiquette of Irish

In addition to the drinking culture in Ireland, there is ine another diversity of ireland culture also be seen from the culinary. Which is in Ireland there are special traditional culinaries and modern that become important accents in the culture of it’s country. As well as other northen Etropean countries, Ireland also a country that famous for it’s cuisine or culinary which has amazing tasty, not only the taste, but Irish traditional foods are good for health because it uses traditional ingredients.

In it’s culinary, Irish people eat a lot of vension, but now they consume more lamb, beef, and pork and poultry also. While from vegeetables and fruit, they prefer to consume nuts and berries that grows on the mainland of Ireland. Although, Ireland known for consume must potaoes as their staple foods, the reality the restaurants many served menu that only not about potatoes, but also local product like vegetables, seafood, fruits, dairy and meats.

There are almost twenty foods of Ireland as traditional foods in it’s country. They are the full Irish breakfast, Irish stew, chicken fillet roll, bacon and cabbage, brown bread, colcannon, boxty, barm brack, coodle, champ, black and white pudding, Irish soda bread, and other.

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Irish eating habits have changed of the early 17th century, which introduced by the agriculture. Much of Irish cuisine was being revived be modern Irish cuisine but still uses traditional ingredients and presented in more modern artistic style. From its changes, there are differences between Urban and Rural communities in eating. Breakfast usually eaten before 9 a.m, as most of rural Irish off to work but until noon in Urban areas. While lunch, Urban eat lunch between 12.30 p.m and 02.00 p.m. The main meal of the day for Urbanities is drink tea and usually eaten around 06.30 p.m. While Rural communities eat at the same time but with more traditional tea of bread, cold cuts and tea. Rural communities enjoyed snack of tea and toast or sandwich before bed, though Urbanities increasingly eschew it or not eat them for health reasons.

Irish people doesn’t have restrective etiquette, they prefer friendly formalities about what to do and more relaxed. There are some regulations in dining etiquette. First, all restaurants in Ireland welcome kids up to 7 p.m. But pubs and other restaurants don’t allow them in the evening. Moreover the family restaurants have children’s menu that good for them. Second, returning a dish or changing dish. If the food is not your satisfication or not appropriate with you wanted, it’s better if you explain what’s wrong with the menu politely. Any respectable restaurant will offer to replace or change the dish immediately. Third, if you want to paying the bill for everyone, you will get rejection although you do it some times. You should insist gently but firmly if you want to paying them.

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Another dining etiquette in Ireland also include, dinner should avoid placing elbows on the table when eating, avoid to smoking at the table, or gesticulating wildly with utensils. And loud noises while eating, such as slurping, are generally not acceptable at the dining table. And it is considered polite to finish all foods on your plate. The habit of Irish is also to say cheers before eating, they will say “slainte” to another.

Unlike another country that served dishes on the table with a knife, fork and spoon. Irish people prefer to served directly onto the plate, aimed eat will be more familiar. Although, it was once perceived as a daring, but eating like that more comfortable and can be accepted nowadays. But, different when dinner in restaurant, Irish have dining etiquette like other countries that use knife, fork and possibly spoon. Hold the knife in the right hand and the fork on the left hand.

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Moreover, different with other countries like Italy or France where sliced baguettes or rolls are often served in a communal basket. Bread is rarely served as an accompaniment in dining tables in Ireland. Irish people will get the smaller side plate for potatoes peelings. The potato will be lightly secured with the fork and the skin slid away with the blade of knife. The proces of eating should be unobtrustive and deftly accomplished and avoid hacking noisily at the boiled potato with a knife.

As a country that predominantly Roman Catholic, Ireland has preserved a tradition of abstaining from meat – eating on friday and replaced meat with fish that have much proteins rather than meat. According to the Irish Sea Fisheries board, the sales of fresh fish in Ireland account for around thirty percent of weekly sales on friday. Then, since Ireland is abundant in peat as a source of fuel, there is a distinct emphasis on slow – cooked stews and casseroles in it’s country. Stobhach or more pupular Irish stew is the national dish with lamb, carrots, potatoes and union, which is the main dish. While soups are traditional food that eaten first in Ireland.

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So, from the explanation above. We get the point that Ireland is a country that has many cultures of eating. Irish people most consume local product from their country like fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy product. They also have some regulations in retaurants, time to eat, dining tables and dining etiquette.

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