Ireland! Storytelling as a tradition

Ireland is a country which has the unique identity and rich history tradition. Its be appeal that specific and special from this country. If you have tour or study in Ireland, you will find the unique traditions of Irish that you don’t know before. It is a tradition of story telling legend or folk lore by Irish that very interesting.

Ireland has one of the richest folklore traditions in the world. The tradition of storytelling is almost as ancient as Ireland itself.

Traditions of storytelling in Ireland has been around since the beginning of time, providing some of the richest mythology and legends in all of Western Europe. Many tales or legends were passes from generation to generation, so were the way to telling legends to new generation in the event and festival also.

Moreover, Ireland known as a nation story teller. The word ‘folklore’ has a deep meaning for Irish. It is also one of the words that has ideologis meaning in the country.

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There is a festival that always continued every year, and its always crowded with people. Not only Irish, but also people from other countries. The festival more popular with name ‘storytelling festival’. Where is the festival took place in the Cape Clear Island, Co Cork, on spetember. This festival celebrates the art of folklore and managed to lure the Ireland’s practioners and international guests.

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There are some of Irish myths and legends have become famous figures around the world. Moreover, there is one of legend of Ireland about the beautiful princess named Ondine, and its be a movie with title ‘Ondine’.

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Here are some of the most famous Irish Myths and Legends that you should know:

“The Children of Lir”
The Children of Lir is a famous legend from the Irish Mythological Cycle. It is a very old Irish myth that goes back to the ancient tribes of Ireland. This is a sad tale about the love of one family, jealousy, magical spells and a curse of 900 years. It has also been considered as the inspiration behind the world famous ballet Swan Lake.

“Finn MacCool”
Finn Mac Cool is one of the most famous Irish legends in the mythological giant. It has long been connected to the ‘Giant’s Causeway‘ along the north coast of Ireland. Irish legend states that a Scottish giant called Benandonner ripped up the causeway so he wouldn’t have to fight the fierce Finn MacCool. So for many centuries, this legend has its reason why the Giant’s Causeway exists but of course we know there is an actual geological explanation.

Another Irish tradition of legends is the mythical creatures known as Leprechaun, that has become iconic all around the world. The small mischievous spirit is the most widely known type of fairy suggested to live in Ireland. Irish legends suggest that they love to collect gold, which they would store in a pot and hide at the end of a rainbow.

According to the legend, if you find one of them and you stare at him, the Leprechaun will be trapped, and you will be able to get the treasures he hides in his big cauldrons. But if you look away for a single second, he will disappear. But, If you think you have seen one and you lost it, do not worry, you can get a pot of gold by visiting the casinos that offer deposit bonus anywhere in Ireland.

“The Shamrock”
This curious name in Ireland named the three-leaves of the Shamrock, which became a national symbol based on a historical-religious fact of Ireland. In Irish traditions, The Shamrock has played an important role in one of Ireland historic cultures. The ‘Druids’ believed that the Shamrock was a very sacred plant that could chase away evil. The Celtic culture also believed that three was also a sacred number. Furthermore, Irish Christians believed the Shamrock has a special meaning, according to them its three leaves represented the Holy Trinity.

Throughout much of myth all around the world, faeries have always been heavily featured but they do hold an important meaning to the Irish. There is a fairy society in Ireland that even to this day still exists. There is one of the most famous legends about fairies is that referring to the “Lady of Death”, a fairy that appears during the night with hair loose and red eyes. It is said that she arrives at the home of a family to mourn for several days the death that will fall on one of its family members.

So, from that. We know that Ireland is a rich country with its folklore and legends. And each legend has meaning for Irish that they believed. Moreover, the myths and legends from Ireland are very famous in the world, and some of them be movies. And there are also many famous poet from Ireland.

So, do you want to make storytelling as tradition in your country?

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