Ireland’s Traditional Music

In addition to storytelling tradition that I have explain in my blog last week. So, I have one that also amazing in this country, Ireland. This country famous by its music and dancing that very interesting. But, in this blog I just want to explain about music in Ireland.

Ireland is a country that has alcuturation culture that very prominent. It can be seen from the arts which is get influence from North America, Scothland and UK. Although like that, Ireland has their own special traditional instrument which be an identity for this country.

Ireland is a land where music is part of life. Music is a huge part of Irish cultural fabric, from an early age music was a central part of their life. Moreover, traditional music was very much part of the core of the island, also this country. Music has been an integral to Irish culture for centuries.

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Maybe you think, why is Irish music important for their culture? For a small island, the people of Ireland sure are a musical bunch. In fact, they claim a traditional musical that might well be Irish heritage from their ancestor. Irish songs tell a story through song making them even more appealing to listeners.

Music be an identic thing for Irish. We can see music performance in all areas in Ireland. Especially in pub or bar. They will drink beer and whiskey and enjoy the music too.

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Irish traditional music or also known as Irish trad. Music plays are large part of Ireland’s culture and have done for many years. It’s not just about Irish traditional music but its also folk music, rock music, punk music and other genres of music. And it has been around centuries.

Ireland is known throughout the world for Irish traditional music sessions, Riverdance first performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 becoming a global phenomenon, and U2 are the biggest rock band in the world.

The traditional music is learning to the new or young generation from an early age. It introduced by parents and environment. The traditional music was also complemented by dedicated primary school teacher who taught young generation about traditional Irish set dancing.

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In ireland, always there is a music festival every year. As Spring is in full bloom and the sweet temptation of Summer is in the air, the season for music festivals has begun. Not only Irish people that can enjoy it but all people in the world can enjoy the festival. This festival always crowded by people from all region either the music lovers or not.

The indigenous music of the island is termed Irish traditional music. It has remained vibrant through the 20th and into the 21st century, despite globalising cultural forces. Irish traditional music includes many kinds of songs, including drinking songs, ballads and laments, sung unaccompanied or with accompaniment by varieties of instruments.

Moreover, Irish traditional music use traditional instruments too. Which is be an attraction for every people. With use traditional instruments such as the Harp or the bodhrán being played the unique music is created. Traditional Irish music is played by some varieties of instruments such as the Bodhran (Irish drum), the Fiddle, the Flute, the Tin Whistle and Uilleann Pipes and guitar among others.

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So, here I will explain a little bit about the traditional instrument that used by Irish musician.

“The Harp”
The Harp is strongly linked with Irish symbolism and traditions. It was the most popular instrument in ancient times and harpists were employed to play for chieftains and to create music for nobles. As it was strongly symbolic in Irish culture it was not always a popular instrument.

“The Bodhrán”
The bodhrán is a circular Irish frame drum, the heartbeat of any good traditional sesúin (music session). This drum is believed to have been used in war time, its loud sound is supposed to awaken the spirits and heighten the emotion before a battle. It made from goats skin and played with a ‘tipper’ or ‘beater’ made from animal bone, it is also believed to have been used as a skin tray for collecting turf and grains.

“Uileann Pipes”
The word Uileann is the Gaelic translation of the word elbow. And these pipes get their name from the fact that they are played with the elbow.

“The Irish Fiddle”
The fiddle is an integral part to any good traditional Irish music sesin. It is identical to the violin but played in a number of different styles. The fiddle thrived in rural Ireland due to its low cost and the fact it was relatively easy to learn.

“The Flute”
This is another instrument that you may see whilst tapping your foot at a good session of ceoil. A development of an English Instrument the Irish flute is a simple system transverse flute which is made of wood and plays in a major scale.

Yes, we have already know about the instruments that use in Ireland’s music. Do you want to try one of them? Or, do you want to enjoy the music in Ireland?

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