Kissing the BLARNEY STONE! Unique tradition in Ireland

Every country has their own trust and tradition. Like a tradition or belief that throwing coins into fountains or wells can bring good luck. Not only that, there is also a tradition throwing nuts called Setsubun that’s mean scare crime to welcome luck. In the same case, Ireland has a unique tradition that is kiss the stone in the north of this country named ‘Blarney Stone’.

First, what is Blarney? Blarney is the name of castle that famous in Emerald Isle, one of city in the Ireland. This is one of the old buliding that very crowded by people at globe. Why? The tourists who visited the castle not only to see the history of castle and admiring it. But, there is a ritual unique often do. Because at the top of this castle there was a stone that believed by Irish. They came to the castle and then kissed the stone that is believed to be granting the desire or wishes.

So, Have you ever hear about Blarney Stone? The famous stone that made from the same rock. The located of the stone is at the top of Blarney tower. It’s around 8 kilometres from the centre of the city of Cork and 263 kilometres of Dublin, the capital of Ireland. The stone is wedged right into the walls of an old medieval fortress, Blarney Castle. It was built 500 years ago in 1446 by Dermot McCharty, the king of Munster kingdom from Cork. The interior of the castle lies in ruin. But the walls stand firm to allow visitors climb to the battlements in search of the stone. Moreover, the castle has not been renovated. It adds to the ancient mysticism of the site.

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There are many legends about the tradition kissing the stone was were at the top of tower. There were told that the stone was taken from the war in this palace. There were also consider this stone as part of Stonehenge in English, and there were another legend said that the stone comes from the local rocks in the south of Ireland who was 330 million years. Stone named Blarney has the meaning of “clever persuade” or “nonsense”.

Blarney is a word to describe the gift of the gab, while the Stone of Eloquence does not bestow mere baloney or waffling speech. According to the legend, anyone who kiss the stone is will be given a gift of speaking skill or flatter and grant the request of the kisser. According to John O’Connor Power, “Blarney is something more than mere flattery. It is flattery sweetened by humor and flavored by wit. Those who mix with Irish folk have many examples of it in their everyday experience”.

Kissing the Blarney stone first became popular in the 1800’s. For over two centuries visitors have sought out this stone in search of storytelling prowess, or as the Irish like to say the gift of the gab. It is not uncommon to hear an Irish person. They believe that anyone who puckers up and lands a smooch on this famous piece of bluestone rock will be bestowed with the gift of eloquence.

The process of kissing the stone is not as simple as it sounds. First, The ‘kisser’ must get to the top of the castle on the parapet then lean back over the edge. Usually with the aid of helper, the kisser must lie on their back and then twist their spine and neck into extreme extension, then pucker those lips, to land a smooch bang smack right in the middle of the stone.

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In addition, beware if the kisser don’t have a head for heights. They can even see the ground, over 100 feet below, as they lean backwards. One that we know, it’s not quite as easy as it seems.

Moreover, to make the kisser easy to kiss the stone. There are a well trained and well practiced attendant helps all hopeful kissers to contort their spines into the requisite position, and luckily an iron railing has been placed to prevent any mishaps. It’s aim to not happen the case like years ago, and would-be kissers have succumbed to gravity, falling to their deaths in pursuit of eloquence.

Kissing the Blarney stone is very popular in ireland, either rich and poor, young and old, famous and not-so-famous people. Not only Irish but all people from other countries. It is estimated that the ritual has been performed by millions of people from the world over, including writers, authors, actors, poets, and musicians.

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Every year there are about 400 thousand tourists came to the Castle Blarney to kiss the stone. It’s amazing right?

So, do you interest to kiss the Blarney stone?

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