Ireland! The friendliest country in the world

Ireland, the second largest island of the British Isles and third-largest in Europe. It’s known for ancient history and lush vegetation, dramatic cliffs, and changeable weather. Not only that, many culture of Irish that famous and give impact of all the worlds. One of that is the Irish culture of hospitality. Irish people known as people who have high friendly to another.

Known as the ‘Emerald Isle’ or sometimes the ‘Land of Saints and Scholars’. Ireland was ranked in the top ten most sociable countries in the entire world. Published in 2015, their article stated that “The Irish themselves are inevitably at the heart of the best the country has to offer.” Nail on the head, honestly.

One that amazing, Ireland known as the forth friendliest country in the world. Unlike the other countries that litle bit introvert. Irish people are very friendly to another, strangers too.

So, if you ask. Who is the friendliest country in the world? Guess who was the answer of this question. Well, of course, Ireland!

The nature of Irish friendly, it’s from the legendary Irish Hospitality which is known as the Brehon Laws. A code of law and behaviour that was observed in Ireland for over 1000 years. It has been instilled and passed from generation to generation and is now inherent in Irish culture.

The law obliged the Irish to provide some form of hospitality or ‘oigidecht’ to visitors, travellers and guests. Moreover, to not abide by the law was illegal and one could be fined for not meeting the requirements. It could also damage a family’s reputation beyond repair. The law must applied to all Irish folk, regardless of their economic or their social status.

Irish people strive to be polite and welcoming to visitors and tourists. When they arrived, Irish will greeted them by the words Céad míle fáilte; which means ‘a hundred thousand welcomes.’ in Irish Gaelic. Going out of their way to assist where Irish can make the visitors feel like one of the locals.

Irish people are so engaging, friendly, and interested in other people. They understand what it means to come from a group of people that is connected to one another. They are proud of who they are and believe the people are their greatest asset.

The Irish people are the underdogs and don’t take life too seriously. They understand that it’s the small things that matter. They aren’t concerned with popularity, fame, riches, or ego. What makes the Irish people so great? They understand that it’s people that matter.

People Ireland very friendly, they often throwing a smile even at strangers though. Do not be surprised if they see you with a full of interest. Her fascination they happen in nature. Understandably, the Irish is a personal warm. They were happy mingle with other people, laughed with, and spend time with the talk about a lot of things.

It’s very common for the Irish to strike up a conversation with a total stranger at a coffee shop, a pub, or in a queue. “What’s the craic?” is a greeting you’ll often hea., ‘craic’ being a Gaelic word that means, “what’s happening?” or “how’s it going?” The Irish aren’t afraid to inquire this of strangers, and it definitely makes you feel like you’re among long-lost friends.

In Ireland, if you ask a stranger for directions, you will get a friendly and helpful reply along with a smile. Moreover, wherever you go, you will be met by smiles. Walk down the street anywhere in Ireland, even in anonymous Dublin, and you will see people smiling.

Irish people will frequently say “hello” or “nice day” or just nod and smile a greeting when passing a stranger on the street, though obviously not so much in more crowded placesThis should not be seen as an attempt to start a conversation – just smile back, return the greeting and carry on.

Another hospitality of Irish is when you in a pub, they will offer to buy you a pint. Stand at an event they will offer you a chair. Always accept, to not do so will be viewed as rude or ungrateful which is undoubtedly the worst of all transgressions in Irish culture. Not only that, when you have been at pub last day, and the following day you come back. The doorman will remembered your name, gave you a hug, and then said, “Welcome back!”. It was very nice. How happy you are. When a person can remember your name and welcome you well.

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Furthermore, Irish people are naturally gregarious and talkative and will happily chat with total strangers, falling easily into conversation while waiting for a bus, standing in line in a store or traveling on a train or may be in the bus. They don’t hesitate to start conversation with anyone, the topic of conversation in such situations normally about the weather, there is always plenty to discuss when it comes to Ireland’s weather. Because Ireland also known as changeable weather that amaze.

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So, I’m sure, you will never regret if visit Ireland. Because you will feel like a locals by Irish friendly.

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