Irish are friendly? Is it right?

What are Irish people like? many issues may be often hear that Irish people are very friendly. Is it right? Like my blog before, I have explained about Ireland is the friendliest country in the world. So, in this blog. I will show how Irish friendly to every person. Irish never hesitate to accosting stranger who are visited their country. These are kinds of hospitality of Irish. Let’s read one by one!

1. Keeping Up The Smile

Firstly, this is one of the first Irish customs you will notice when getting off the plane.

Irish people are smile a lot. Wherever you go, you will be met by smiles. Walk down the street anywhere in Ireland, even in anonymous Dublin, and you will see people smiling to you.

In Ireland, if you ask a stranger for directions, you will get a friendly and helpful reply along with a smile. When you visit this friendliest country , you are truly blown away by the amount of smiles everywhere. Unlike the others country, like Germany. In Germany people tend to be closed and indifferent in public at best or angry at worst. If you smiled at them, it would not be returned. Another country is Sweden, people in Sweden are most introvert, they really appreciate personal space, people of sweden need a space, need a lot of space. It’s very different with Irish who always friendly to people around.

2. Irish People Are Very Generous

Secondly, it is about the famous argument over who is going to pay the bill in restaurant or pub.

Irish people are notoriously generous, often beyond their means. In Ireland, there’s someone will insist on inviting you, for example, for lunch and dinner. But, it’s not talking about a dating situation.

When you have lunch at restaurat or may be PUB, the famous place in Ireland. At the end of the pleasant chat the people start to argue over who is going to pay the bill. But, It’s not that they want the other one to pay, no. It can be like a game, and if you wish, and want to be the one to pay the bill, you can get in on it.

3. Irish Say “SORRY” A Lot

Oh, how strange it is at first when you hear the word sorry all around you. Sorry, sorry, and sorry.

Wherever you go, men, women, and children all apologizing. No other culture does this, apologising countless times a day. It is a uniquely of Irish thing. Everywhere you go, people will squeese past you muttering the magic word ‘sorry’. so saying ‘sorry’ is considered polite.

So, why does everyone here say sorry so much? Firstly, Irish people say sorry, they want to avoid conflict. They feel relationship over being right, so in a potential conflict situation, they are likely to back down and say the magic word ‘sorry’. so saying ‘sorry’ is considered polite.

4. Say “THANK YOU” To The Bus Driver

One of the tradition of Ireland that has survived in the test time is thanked the auto driver when Irish get off the bus in your goals – no matter how short travels, they will always say thank you to the bus driver. According to research Dublin Bus reported by The Journal in 2015, 90 percent of the passengers was always thanked the auto driver them. It’s one kind of hospitality of Irish. As a bus driver, we will feel appreciated of what he had do.

5. Say “HELLO” When Passing A Stranger On The Street

Like a popular saying, “to make a friend; you must be a friend”, this is clearly the general attitude of Irish culture. They consider every person are friends for them, so they will be friendly to them.

Irish people will frequently say “hello” or “nice day” or just nod and smile a greeting when passing a stranger on the street, though obviously not so much in more crowded places. This should not be seen as an attempt to start a conversation – just smile back, return the greeting and carry on.

6. Exit Conversation With Politeness

Irish people not only friendly to start conversation with another, they also polite when speak to people. When they want to exit or end conversation with people, they will say “I have to go”, or “I have nothing left to say”, or “I’ll leave you go”. They think it’s the only way that appropriate to exit conversation.

Okay, so that’s all about the kinds of hospitality in Ireland. That’s right if Irish are very friendly.

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