Religious Celebration in Ireland

Every country has their own religious day. All over the world have celebrate it. Like other countries in Europe. So how about the Republic of Ireland? Do they Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland? The short answer is, YES. Ireland has their own tradition to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day as national day. St. Patrick’s day is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. This day is celebrated by millions people all over the world and has become one of the most popular cultural events worldwide every year.

So who was Saint Patrick? As he was a Patron Saint of Ireland his feast day was important in Ireland’s religious calendar. A popular belief is that he introduced Christianity to Ireland, banished snakes from the island, and used the 3 leaves Shamrock to teach the Holy Trinity.

Patrick died on the 17th March after a long life of preaching the word of Christ. In Irish culture St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a religious festival, a time of giving thanks for the arrival of Christian teachings and values. So, Gaelic or Irish celebrated that day as St. Patrick’s day and celebrate it every year since old until now. To celebrate it, Almost all businesses are closed on Saint Patrick’s Day, except for hospitality, like restaurants, pubs, etc.

Moreover, St. Patrick’s Day is now a national public holiday in Ireland, as well as a religious feast day. St. Patrick’s day celebrate with elaborate parade, shamrock, saint patricks day dinner, greening river, etc.

In this blog, I explain about traditions to consider that are associated with St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

  1. The wearing of the green on St Patrick’s Day

Firstly, what is shamrock? Shamrock is one of the symbols of Ireland. Shamrock or Semanggi leaves has three leaves as a symbol of the St. Patrick day, so festival this tinged with colors green used by Irish. Thus the Shamrock plant was used to illustrate the message of the Christian Holy Trinity.

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On St Patrick’s Day, it is customary to wear shamrocks, green clothing or green accessories. So, In Ireland, many people wear something green on that day. People wear a small bunch of Shamrocks on their right breast rather than wear green clothing to signify their Irishness and its traditional connection with St Patrick. While younger people like to make a splash, using face paints to create shamrocks, and wave inflatable green hammers.

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2. Holy day of obligation

Most, if not all, practicing Christians in Ireland will attend Church on St Patrick’s Day as its a Holy Day of Obligation. Families would dress in their best clothing, with Shamrocks pinned on their breast, and attend Church together. Going to church is still the most traditional activity in Ireland on St Patrick’s Day.

3. Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

It is one of the unique day that is celebrated worldwide. Since the 1960s, Ireland has known parades. The largest parade in the country is held in Dublin, where around half a million people line the streets. The tradition of dressing up in Irish green outfits is confined to participants in parades. Irish people dress up as Leprechaun or even as Saint Patrick himself.

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Parades for St Patricks Day are held all over the world inviting millions of people to celebrate being Irish for a day. Ireland’s parade as St Patrick’s festival which takes place over 5 days with events including art shows, plays, concerts, funfairs, and the main parade.

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4. Dying water or beer green

The use of the green color reached something new. in 1962, the city of Chicago decided to dye part of the Chicago River green for the festivities.

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Not only that, on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, many bars serve green-dyed beer. After parade on the street, younger people come to the pub and drinking heavily. It is a widely held tradition in Ireland that beer or whiskey can be taken on Saint Patrick’s Day. Every people offer alcohol to another.

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5. The Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner

An Irish St. Patrick’s Day meal revolves around staple ingredients that have remained part of the Irish tradition for generations. Corned beef and cabbage is as traditional and Irish meal as you will ever find and it is often hauled out for Saint Patrick’s Day. Corned beef and cabbage might be one of the most popular dishes to eat on St. Patrick’s Day.

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So, that’s all about the traditions on St. Patricks day in Ireland. St. Patricks say or “Paddy’s Day,” as the locals call it, is indeed a religious holiday in Ireland. It’s inlude Shamrock, wearing green, parade, festivals, and others.

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